Lovely article in the Sanford Herald today-Shedding Light on the Other Side about Darker the Night.  If you don't have a subscription to the Sanford Herald, I've posted the article on the In The News page of my website.



She is no doubt an amazing article writer and like her last articles, that one is also a recommended article to read if someone wants to read such article that would make their day.

04/16/2017 7:12pm

It's nice to know that your novel was in the newspaper. This will be one step in making your novel be known in any countries and places. I will wait for your interview regarding your novel. I am looking forward to your thought on the questions that they will ask about you. I am looking also for the feedback about your novel, I will buy one of these.

02/02/2017 3:25am

Having been featured in Sanford Herald is a great privilege that everyone should cherish! It's not on an everyday basis that you'll be feature there, that's why I am so happy you got that chance! By the way, it was not a surprise for me since Darker the Night is really a book worth reading. I've let my friends read the book and they had amazing feedback too!

03/16/2017 8:20am

This is so interesting to have an interview with a real paper magazine and not cyber like we all did.

04/06/2017 3:46am

That's very nice that you've posted this article! I was so excited about it!

06/28/2017 5:50am

Your blogs are always interesting. It has a great impact when it comes to connection to society and life. The themes are good. You have used a very nice construction and built up. Your posts are an encouragement to people with nothing to with their leisure times. It also is an entertaining post, aligned with the trend and connected to what the people are asking about the business sides. It may help those who are planning to work in magazines or anything related to it.


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