I've added a page on the DarkertheNight.com called The Real Hedy. I'll be posting interviews with Hilde Sensale, the woman who inspired the story and other things I have found interesting.

Having been fortunate enough to have never lived in a war zone, I wondered what it was like to see the tanks coming into your town. Here's what she said.


Lisa has shared some of her real experience with us according to the war zone that, what it feels like to see & to feel the tanks coming in your town and your own living town is becoming a war zone.


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I've never experienced the tragedies of war and I am lucky to not have to face such a thing. It would have been a scary thing to behold. You know that destruction is upon the town and death is already knocking at your door. Soldiers firing their guns and there's a lot of screaming and wailing that can be heard from the distance. It's really scary.


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This was the scariest part of my life when Nazi attack our country. We were hiding in the forest.

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