I've added a page on the DarkertheNight.com called The Real Hedy. I'll be posting interviews with Hilde Sensale, the woman who inspired the story and other things I have found interesting.

Having been fortunate enough to have never lived in a war zone, I wondered what it was like to see the tanks coming into your town. Here's what she said.


02/12/2018 10:05am

Thanks for the heads up, now I know what are the things I should look forward to here on your website. It's also a good thing that you will be having a new page here on your website. This reflects how organized you are as a blogger as you want everything to be done neatly. At the same time, you made this to let your readers know how much Hilde Sensale inspired you to be a good blogger that you are. It's a great idea to honor these people!


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